About Us

Who We Are

Serial Lab Studios is a small team of experienced Audio professionals offering original Sound Design, Music Composition, Orchestration, Audio Implementation and Voice Production services. We are available for freelance and contract work. In our decade of experience we have provided custom music and sound design for various platforms and clients worldwide. While we are based just outside of NYC, we have an efficient remote work flow which allows us to easily collaborate with clients all over the world.

Our work has won multiple awards including a 2014 Day Time Emmy Award nomination. Our experience in creating an original sound that will amplify sonic brands spans across Games, Film, TV, Ads, Mobile apps, Web and other media making Serial Lab Studios one of the top “go to” sound studios in the world today.

Working With Us

We are team players so you can be sure we will be invested in your project from the concept stage/spotting stage to play-testing/reviewing and polishing the final end product. You will find us fun to work and while we are easy going we’re also great communicators, punctual and very reliable. We’re problem solvers dedicated to finding creative audio solutions that work for your overall vision. Out tech-savvy skills are great for implementation of audio for video games, apps and virtual reality projects.

Custom Audio Solutions For All Media

Hire us to score your next Video Game, TV show, Web series, TV movie, Animated Series, Animated Shorts, TV pilot, Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary, Trailer, Interactive Exhibit or commercial! Our score for the Indie Horror Feature Film “The Killing of Jacob Marr” won “Best Soundtrack” on the Film Festival circuit. We are also working on building up production music library cues for placement. If you are interested in licensing, contact us for more info.

Custom Audio Solutions For Video Games

We are available to score and create custom sound design for your Video Game. We have worked on over 85 game titles from AAA to Indie games on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Wii as well as casual games for mobile and web.

Gina Zdanowicz

As the founder of Serial Lab Studios, Gina has been composing music and creating sound effects for over 10 years. Gina received a 2014 Day Time Emmy Award Nomination for her work with Nickelodeon. Her score for the Killing of Jacob Marr was awarded Best Soundtrack and her OST for Legend of Fat Ninja was Nominated for Best Soundtrack by Best App Ever Awards 2012 and G.A.N.G (Game Audio Network Guild) awards. Her unique sound can be heard across multiple platforms on over 85 game titles and her film scores have premiered at film festivals throughout the world and on TV networks such as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.

Gina’s love for video games and creating audio started at an early age and those two passions merged when she graduated Berklee College of Music. She keeps her technical abilities sharp by playing an active role in the audio implementation of our game projects. In addition to her audio works, Gina is an Instructor of Game Audio at Berklee Music online. Her varied experience in the game industry gives her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the production cycle from start to finish, which allows her to greatly contribute to the overall process.

Spencer Bambrick

Spencer, a composer and sound designer for Serial Lab Studios, is a fresh and innovative voice in the audio production industry. His music can be heard across various platforms including PC games, TV commercials, iOS apps, short films, and concert music. Spencer received a 2014 Day Time Emmy Award Nomination for his work with Nickelodeon. His soundtrack for The Legend of Fat Ninja was nominated for multiple G.A.N.G (Game Audio Network Guild) awards. He is currently working on his first feature length film.

Spencer’s background in classical and contemporary concert orchestration inspired him to earn his Master’s Degree at SUNY Purchase where he worked with talented musicians, producers and composers.

His experience in the industry has furthered his belief that music, out of all the art forms, has the strongest link to human emotion. He first experienced this while playing Final Fantasy and Zelda as a child. To this day he pursues that same connection to human emotion in his own music.


Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dana Corrigan Animator

“I am a freelance animator and have had the pleasure of working with Serial Lab Studios while heading a major motion comic project for DBolical.They were friendly, approachable, reliable and fantastic about keeping me and my client updated. They were also very good about letting us know what they needed and when they needed it by, so that we could prioritize smaller scale deadlines for our project to optimize our work flow. Most importantly, their work quality was excellent. Their sound really added so much life and believability to the visuals. Not only would I use them again, but they are now my “Go to” company for any future sound and music.”


Kenny Johnson Zephyr Games

“I would suggest Serial Lab’s audio work to any who are looking for quality audio and composition work for interactive or video products. They have a wonderful work ethic, stay on task, and has been ready and willing to work with any changes and requests we’ve made in the past. They have been a great asset to us on previous projects, and the quality of their work is consistently high with very reasonable pricing.”


Julie Chase MiniMonster

“We have gone with Serial Lab Studios for all of our games for ESPN Arcade and mobile because we are also so happy with the quality of their music and their professionalism. They are a talented,driven and extremely knowledgeable team. I highly recommend them for your next project.”


Jayme Thomas Visual Goodness

“Working with Serial Lab Studios was smooth like butter! They required little direction and delivered on time and on target. We were very pleasantly surprised with their on the fly music composition which included live guitar and look forward to working with them again soon.”