Harp recording session for the Legacy of Barubash

deenloblogoSerial Lab has been working with Kactus Games on their up coming title “Legacy of Barubash” for Android and OUYA. When the time came to create a suitable musical theme for Tafne, a central character to the story who is married to Kaleb (the main protagonist), we decided to go with a live recording of a harpist and soprano for the pieces.

Our goal was to really bring the Tafne’s theme to life in the game so we recorded Erin Hill playing her V’ger, which is an ebony Camac 3/4-size electric pedal harp. It’s fully electric, and each string has it’s own individual pickup. We ran the 4 outputs through an Anthony DeMaria tube direct box and a Summit Audio Element 78 preamp. We really wanted capture some of the finger plucking & pedal movement in the sound so we also used a pickup mic to capture that.

We changed it up a little for Tafne’s meeting theme as we wanted that to come across more like diegetic music in the game as if Tafne is playing the harp and singing to herself so we used a Ylla, which is one of Erin’s Cunningham Celtic lever harps. This was recorded with an overhead matched pair of Neumann KM84’s through Neve 1073 preamps. She played the harp part and sang at the same time so we can capture that live intimate feel.