GDC 2018 Audio Bootcamp XVII

Join Gina as she talks about “Adding Punch to Your Sound” at the Game Developers Conference in March 2018 in San Francisco CA.

Audio Bootcamp @ GDC March 20th, 11:20am

This session will be booming as Gina Zdanowicz explores effect plug-ins, layering and editing techniques for creative sound design and music with a punch. Audio directors and game producers are always looking for bigger sounds that stand out in the mix or make a trailer feel charged. Join Gina as she shares techniques she learned working in the field to satisfy those demands. She will get up close and personal with tools like tremolo to move sounds, transient designers to sharpen the attack and add more punch, automation for more control and more.

This talk will provide both sound designers and composers tips on using various plug-ins along with layering and editing techniques to add more punch to their sound. From weapon sounds to trailer style music there will be videos, images and audio examples to demonstrate Gina’s punchy tips.