Custom Audio Solutions

If you are putting custom art, design and programming into your game or scouting top talent and locations for your film you are going to want custom music and sound design for your project. We compose in a wide variety of music genres and also specialize in music synthesis, field recording and Foley for sound design. We also work with musicians and voice artists to bring an added flavor to your project. We can provide a turn-key solution for all your audio needs.


We offer buy-outs for branding purposes as well as a variety of licensing and sync options for our music and sfx.

If a buy-out isn’t a good fit for your project, we offer exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options to help you get the custom audio you need at a price that fits your budget. Contact us so we can discuss the best options with you. We are also building a non-exclusive licensing library of per-composed music and sfx on Audio Jungle.




  • Interactive Game Music (linear, seamless loops, Layered formats)
  • 3D Audio for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Additional Music for projects with existing composers/music
  • Scoring for Film, TV, Commercials and Ads
  • Orchestration, Arrangements, Score Preparation
  • Live Instrument Sessions to liven up computer based compositions
  • Sonic Branding, Sonic Logos to impress your brand identity
  • Post-Production, Sound Design, Foley, Field Recording
  • Audio Implementation for Games
  • Custom Soundscapes for Presentations, Podcasts and more
  • Catchy Jingles for your Brand
  • Voice Over Production services
  • Audio Editing, and Restoration
  • Play Testing; We are Gamers who are great at finding bugs


  • Video Games (Console, PC, Mobile, Web, Proprietary Devices)
  • Video Slots, Virtual Casino Games
  • Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Experiences
  • Mobile Apps, E-Learning, Educational Apps
  • Film, Television, Series, Netflix and other Streaming Media
  • Commercials, Online Ads, Corporate, Motivational Videos
  • YouTube videos, Web Series, Ted Talks, Presentations
  • Workout Mixes
  • Podcasts
  • Audio books
  • Visual Novels
  • Animations
  • Brand Logos, Brand ID’s