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Ben is a sound designer and composer who loves the way that audio can complement the drama, engagement, and interactivity of a project. Ben has been a fan of games and film ever since he’s been a fan of anything, but the music and sounds are what really stood out. He is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music where he received the Video Game Scoring Award, studied film scoring, and learned to immerse the audience in an experience through sound. Ben has worked on several games and films where he has produced, edited, and mixed music and sound, with the student game Heirloom winning Best Audio at 2020 SIEGE Con. He has also created and implemented adaptive music and sound systems for games in order to build immersive and interactive audio experiences that follow the actions of the player. When Ben’s not working, he might be playing a Soulsbourne game, going in the opposite direction and playing Animal Crossing, or spending a ludicrous amount of money on Legos..

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