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See below for a list of industry awards, nominations, and mentions for Serial Lab Sound.

Just in: Serial Lab Sound has been nominated through their work on Eternights. Best Audio for an Indie Game, 2024 Game Audio Network Guild Awards Nominees.

2020 Audioverse Awards Winner Environmental sound design in a new production – Crypitds.

2020 Finalist Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G) Awards – Best Game Audio Article / Publication “The Game Audio Strategy Guide: A Practical Course” Author

2019 Daytime Emmy Award Nominee – Nick Jr Quest for the Golden Cube (Sound Design)

2018 PromaxBDA Silver Winner –  Channel Image Promo, Long Format Nick Jr. Block Party Melon (Sound Design)

2018 PromaxBDA Silver Winner –  Interstitial / Short Form Spot or Campaign Nick Jr. Block Party: Runaway Melon (Sound Design)

2014 Daytime Emmy Award Nominee – Nickelodeon Halloween Spots (Sound Design)

2012 Best Game SoundTrack Nominee (The Legend of Fat Ninja) Issued by Best App Ever Awards

2010 Best Horror Movie Soundtrack Winner (The Killing of Jacob Marr) Issued by CULTSCUTS MAGAZINE UNDERGROUND


“We have gone with Serial Lab Sound for all of our games for ESPN Arcade and mobile because we are also so happy with the quality of their music and their professionalism. They are a talented,driven and extremely knowledgeable team. I highly recommend them for your next project.”

“I am a freelance animator and have had the pleasure of working with Serial Lab Sound while heading a major motion comic project for DBolical.They were friendly, approachable, reliable and fantastic about keeping me and my client updated. They were also very good about letting us know what they needed and when they needed it by, so that we could prioritize smaller scale deadlines for our project to optimize our work flow. Most importantly, their work quality was excellent. Their sound really added so much life and believability to the visuals. Not only would I use them again, but they are now my “Go to” company for any future sound and music.”

“Working with Serial Lab Sound was smooth like butter! They required little direction and delivered on time and on target. We were very pleasantly surprised with their on the fly music composition which included live guitar and look forward to working with them again soon.”

“I would suggest Serial Lab’s audio work to any who are looking for quality audio and composition work for interactive or video products. They have a wonderful work ethic, stay on task, and has been ready and willing to work with any changes and requests we’ve made in the past. They have been a great asset to us on previous projects, and the quality of their work is consistently high with very reasonable pricing.”

Absolutely, hands-down my favorite vendor to work with on projects. Three years ago, I started to develop my first video game. I might mention that I have been developing software (web, mobile, Windows) for close to 20 years. I have worked with many, many people over the years and I know it takes a good team to develop any worthwhile application. I quickly found out that the game industry [and the success of the game(s)] is highly dependent upon creative people. You can write great code all day long, but without people like Gina and her team at Serial Lab, your game is likely going to be boring. I did what everyone else does when you’re an indie studio—I looked for free assets. Technically speaking, there are no truly free assets out there. Certainly, you can download a ton of free audio assets, but so can someone else. There will be nothing unique/custom about the sound/music in your game. We have all been to websites that use the same stock photos. You know those people don’t work there *sigh*. It will cost you in the end not having quality assets. Serial Lab was referred to me by my 3D modeler. I first reached out to Gina a couple years ago and discussed the obvious details, how much and who owns what etc… I truly had no idea. Fast-forward to earlier this year (2018) and I reach back out to Gina to start actual work. It was daunting on my side because I had no idea what to expect, but Gina laid everything out for us. Seriously, we had a list of over 65+ sound effects (SFX), 7-10 voice-overs and a music track. Serial Lab created a shared spreadsheet to help us track everything. We could easily check which assets had been delivered, “

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