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Let’s Make Something Together! Hire us as an external team, as in-house contractors, or for support of your existing audio group. We will invest in your project from initial concept through to final product. Through each production stage, our team is dedicated to creating an exceptionally immersive audio experience.


Original Compositions & Sonic Branding

EEpic orchestral, background ambient electronic, ethnic, big band, pop, and more. Our team of talented composers will find the right musical voice for your project.

  • Interactive Music
  • Custom soundscapes for presentations and podcasts
  • Sonic branding and Logos
  • Orchestration, Arrangements, Score Preparation

Sound Effects

Foley & Sound Design

Explosions, creatures, weapons, engines, UI, footsteps, foley, ambiences, walla, bleeps, bloops, and all manner of sounds. We’ll make your project come to life..

  • UI Sound Effects
  • Smashes, Bashes, and Crashes
  • Environmental Soundscapes
  • Triggered, 3 Dimensional Audio, Film Integrated
  • Immersive Created Content


Voice Over & Dialog Editing

From accents to aliens, chatting to chanting, the human (or not quite human) voice is a powerful tool and critical to do right. We have the versatile voice artists, the skills, and tools to produce, direct, edit, and elevate the voice.



Implementation is one of the most important aspects of any interactive experience. Without expert implementation, even the best soundscapes will be flat, disruptive, or even cause for a user to abandon an experience. Properly implemented sounds bring life, engagement, and will truly immerse the user in the created world.

  • Wwise
  • FMOD
  • Unreal
  • Unity
  • Proprietary integration tools
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